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Connie absolutely adores children, she always has! Their sweet innocence and laughter always seems to brighten her day! In 2011 Connie welcomed her 2nd child into this world. When she returned to work, she shared the same struggles other parents endure; trying to find a decent, clean and affordable facility to take her child. As her search dragged onto its 4th week, it hit her: she could do a better job at providing home child care. She was a lot younger than most providers, enthusiastic and full of energy! So in June of 2011, she started Colorful Beginnings Family Home Child Care. 


Connie's philosophy for home child care begins with a low child to adult ratio. This ensures that each child gets the attention and care that he/she deserves. Most home day care facilities keep a high volume of children, typically in confined spaces. Connie believes that maintaining a clean and sterile environment for the children means fewer sicknesses being passed around. A easily adaptable schedule also keeps children happy and well rested! Finally feeding the children organic meals with little to no sugar promotes good health and gives them a head start with good eating habits. Connie believes that strictly adhering to this philosophy is the key to her success. Don't believe her? Read our Yelp! reviews and see what other parents think. 


Colorful Beginnings is licensed through the state of California and is fully insured.

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